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Weight of the Worlds: Book Three 


About the Author

Over the years, D. B. Greenhalgh has pursued qualifications in Literature (BA), Creative Writing (MFA), Partnership (BFF, Mr.), Fatherhood (HRO), Drumming (ROQ), and Fitness (CF-L1, WL, Gym), all of which he accomplished with varying degrees of aptitude.


Prior to his children’s birth, he taught Spanish, English, Creative Writing, Music, and Technology classes at the Arkansas Arts Academy for eight years.

He lives in Arkansas with his wife, two sons, daughter, and two dogs where they enjoy working out in the garage, reading in the library, playing drums, and building LEGO.


Analie R.

"The story was great but I loved the philosophical undertones written so beautifully throughout the book almost more.
It was thought provoking and beautiful.
Excited to read book #2."
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