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Weight of the Worlds: Book Two - Signed Paperback

Weight of the Worlds: Book Two - Signed Paperback

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Pre-order a paperback copy of Weight of the Worlds: Book Two, signed by the author. 


Pallas Zenith just wants to save her friends and go home. She has no interest in being a princess and even less in fulfilling prophecies.

Once upon a time, Pallas was a normal teenage girl from a troubled family. Then she was kidnapped and taken 90,000 light-years to the planet Titan where she was trained for a mission to gain control of the Celestial Sphere.

Now, Pallas and the rest of Gamma Squad have a new quest—to rescue their friends and return home to Earth. Their journey takes them back to Olympus, and then to Phoenicia, where Pallas is unexpectedly made Crown Princess of the Eternal Phoenician Empire.

Something strange is happening to Pallas, and all is not well on Phoenicia, but Pallas can’t just leave her friends to die in a civil war. If she’s going to save lives, Pallas will have to become something greater than a princess.

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